Cervical Tumor Cure

When an abnormal cell growth detected on the cervix of a women, it is call a cervical tumor. It is often cause by a spreading sexual intercourse virus HPV (human papilloma virus). In most cases this tumors develop when a woman is in her thirties or forties. Currently there is no cure for this tumor. Women are advised to undergo screening test regularly and taking vaccine especially during their sexually active period.


Unfortunately, symptoms are minor or unnoticeable during the early phase of the cervical cancer. Women are advised to go for cervical screening routinely just in case if something abnormal are growing in their cervix. When the tumor reach a later stage, cervical cancer symptoms become obvious such as

  • bleeding between normal periods
  • bleeding after having sex
  • bleeding after menopause
  • vaginal discharge with unpleasant smell

However this symptoms are also shared by other condition. If anyone develop such symptoms, please consult the doctors as soon as possible. Other symptoms may appear if the cancer grows to spread to other parts of the body.


Since there is no cure available for this tumor, prevention measure should be taken seriously. The most effective way of screening for cervical is through routine cervical Pap test. Those that diagnosed with cervical tumor at early stage are 100% treatable.

Women are also advice to take vaccine once there are sexually active. This is to prevent the spread of HPV virus.


Acupunture and Herbal Treatment

KL Acupuncture and Herbal Treatment centers offers a huge variety of herbs from around the world and also Malaysia. Herbal treatment can be use as a complementary treatment simultaneously with the overall treatment such as chemotherapy or radiation because it can make it more bearable and effective. It is known that herbs for tumor usually have to mix with other herbs according to the type of body condition and types of cancer. Knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine by an experienced Chinese master are required.

Chinese master of KL Acupuncture and Herbal Treatment is the forth generation neuro acupuncturist and herbal medicine treatment with 145 years inherited research and studies on the way of medicine. He is able to assess the patients health to prescript an accurate herbal suitable for the patients condition. Many of his patients from around the world to seek his service were greatly satisfied. Some even prefer the natural treatment of the herbs because it has no side effect.


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